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Supervisory Skills Certification Program


CITEC developed this program to address the needs of North Country businesses aiming to transform great employees into great supervisors, and great supervisors into great leaders.


The program teaches practical skills and tools that are immediately applied in the workplace as homework, so your company starts receiving the benefits right away.


Eight four-hour sessions over eight weeks.


Level One

Level One is for supervisors with less than one year of experience, those projected to be promoted to supervisory positions, or supervisors with no prior supervisory training.

Level Two

Level Two builds on Level One and is for those who have completed a Level One certificate. Others who are interested in Level Two training should contact Debi Pettit at the contact information on the left.

Level Three

Level Three focuses on leadership and influence; building and managing teams.

Level Four

Level Four, for advanced management, covers leading and managing supervisors, change management, critical thinking, negotiation, and stress management.


More details are available on this pdf.


Coached By

CITEC's Supervisor Skills Certification Program was developed by, and is largely delivered by Debi Pettit. Debi is an accredited Senior Professional in Human Resources with more than 25 years of HR experience, as well as an energetic leader of organizational effectiveness and lean manufacturing programs implementing change programs for the 'people side' of the business.


Her HR certifications include ProsciĀ® Change Management Certification; Society for Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP); and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) accreditation.

To register, use the links to the left.


Additional sessions in Akwesasne are scheduled for later in the year.

Levels 1 & 3 begin on August 2.

If you would like to know when any additional programs are scheduled this year in a location close to you, please let us know. Email Aviva Gold.

For more details contact Debi Pettit.


CITEC is a not-for-profit business consulting organization driven by a mission to help the small- and medium-sized enterprises in northern New York to thrive. The depth of our consulting team's expertise and an unbeatable nationwide network of resources will deliver the impacts your business needs to grow strategically, improve profitability, and create the competitive advantages you need.

We have proven results. Our clients are surveyed by an independent third party upon project completion and have reported amazing impacts to their businesses because of our assistance. On average, working with CITEC provides a return of $71 for every $1 of project cost.


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