Supplier Scouting

A listing of company supply chain needs.

The MEP National Network has revived its Supplier Scouting Program in an effort to reshore supply chains of all sorts. Maybe  your company can fill a need on this list; or maybe you would like to find a new source for something in your supply chain.

If we have worked with you and know about your capabilities and we come across a good fit, we will, of course, reach out to you. But we don't know everyone in the North Country. If your company, or someone you know may be able to supply anything on this list, please let us know and we will get additional details about the opportunity. We update this listing weekly. 

If you are looking to source something in your supply chain, please reach out and we will have it posted through the MEP National Network and the NY MEP.  

Contact Steve Lockwood for more information about any of these opportunities.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :: 315-777-0556

2021-021 US Made Trigger Sprayer for 28/400 Neck Finish
A Virginia company is looking for a US supplier of spray triggers made of injection molded HDPE for use with an EPA certified disinfectant. 2.2 million units annually.

2021-026 Chopped Brass Wire
A Montana company is looking for 20 gauge brass wire chopped into pieces around .2 inches for filler in injection molded parts. Different sizes and brass alloys are OK. 

2021-027 Waxy Paste Plant Food
A growing plant food company is looking to contract mixing and batching plant food that contains lanolin, plant cytokinin hormones, plant vitamins, and other related chemicals in a temperature controled facilty. 

2021-032 Lanolin
A company is looking for US Parmacopeia grade lanolin in 5-55 gallon lots.

2021-033 Infant Allergen Powder
A company is looking for a contract food manufacturer/toll miller that can mill tree nuts into powder. SQF level minimum 2 FDA compliant. 2-5K lbs/year.

2021-034 Egg Allergen Powder
A company is looking for a contract manufacturer to mix chicken eggs into a homogenous liquid that  is 5-25% solids. Needs to source and cook the eggs as well. Must meet FDA standards. 2-10K lbs annually. 

2021-035 N95 Mask Material -- Nose and Band Pieces
Details available.

2021-036 Limited Access Pill Bottle
A company is looking for maufacturing partners to mass produce all or parts of a patented and provisional consumer product for controlled pill dispensing. PET and embedded controls. 

2020-033 Comex 609/B3 Knitting Machine
New or used




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