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Revenue Throughput Analysis

Discover What's REALLY Constraining Your Revenue Growth

Revenue throughput analysis is an ongoing process. Our partners at ValueProp provide tools and guidance to expand the volume and velocity of converting opportunities into profitable revenue streams for your business.

The Revenue Throughput Program envisions your business as a series of valves that release or constrain revenue. 


When some of these valves are closed, revenue is constrained, and when the valves open up, revenue can flow through. 


The analysis process highlights where exactly your revenue is being constrained so that you can prioritize those areas with targeted action and release the flow of revenue through your business.


ValueProp's Revenue Throughput Program gives you the perspective to understand your business as a system; the assessment that identifies constraints and contributors; action to mitigate constraints and maximize contributors; and the ability to continue with this process moving forward. 

This program is for business owners who are:

  1. Business owner-operator CEOs with between $1 million and $20 million in revenue
  2. Wanting to grow their business NOW
  3. Energized to work on growth
  4. Looking for a foundation, practical approach that is not too "academic."

The program includes: 

  • An onboarding session
  • A thorough one-on-one Revenue Throughput Assessment
  • Revenue Throughput Transformation Modules through live group work sessions
  • Revenue coaching support

This program is different than any training, consulting or coaching you have done in the past.  For more information contact Steve Lockwood.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 315-777-0556


The Revenue Throughput Program is a ValueProp program. 

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