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Lean Healthcare

Lean Works in Every Discipline.

Lean systems improve profitability by eliminating waste, maximizing flow, reducing error, and building a culture of continuous improvement in organizations. Manufacturing companies have used Lean systems for several decades, and now healthcare systems throughout the US using the very same Lean systems that manufacturers have relied on to improve efficiency and increase profits.

Lean Healthcare is the application of lean principles to all aspects of healthcare including hospitals, clinics, labs, doctors’ offices, government facilities, dentists’ offices, and preventive health services.

CITEC's team of professionals have decades of experience training thousands of employees in dozens of companies throughout the North Country, in all kinds of contexts, including Healthcare.

Our Lean experts offer several ways to guide your organization in acheiving Lean:

  • Educational programs and training to familiarize health care professionals in Lean.
  • Value Stream Mapping & Project Implementation Planning to help you create a roadmap toward goals.
  • On-site coaching / facilitation of implementation projects to work with your team to achieve your goals.

Upcoming Events

Lean Healthcare events open for registration will be displayed here.

Operational Excellence

A culture of operational excellence that engages every employee in continuous improvement applications will grow your business. It's that simple.