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A Systems Approach to Finding and Retaining Workforce

A New Resource With a Variety of Ideas

Every single manufacturer we talk to tells us about new employees who start at 7am and are gone before lunch. Workforce is the number one challenge facing almost every business in the country right now. There are very few quick-fix solutions to this shortage, but the MEP just published a white paper with a range of approaches that may offer some relief to your organization. 

ManufacturerGuideTalentCoverThe paper offers some common sense, accessible ideas that mirror general continuous improvement practices. Some of these require long-term commitments that will serve your company well over time, and some are simple ideas that can be implemented right away. 

The paper points out that every touchpoint is a chance to sell your company to potential employees. Your job postings themselves should not only explain the requirements of the job, but also why your company is a great place to work. The interview, the onboarding, all of these points are vital to establishing the kind of relationship that is rewarding to both employees and employers. 

Developing talent is crucial if you expect people to stay at your company and build careers there. Give your people goals and the resources they need to achieve them. Clearly communicate expectations and feedback.

Building a positive workplace culture requires a systems approach. Analyze your workforce data, set benchmarks, and find innovative ways to reach those goals. The Manufacturer’s Guide to Finding and Retaining Talent is a great resource to help turn around your workforce deficit.

As always, let us know if you would like some help implementing any of these programs.