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Cyber Threats Grow Against Manufacturers

NY MEP offers cybersecurity assistance to address threats

Ransomeware against manufacturers is a growing problem.

A study by Dragos, an industrial cybersecurity company,shows that cyber attacks against manufacturers grew around 30 percent in 2020. And another study by Digital Shadows reports that industrial goods alone accounted for 29 percent of the ransomware attacks reported in 2020. When these horror reports come from organizations who can sell you the solution, it makes sense to be skeptical, but there is no doubt that manufacturers are a growing target for cyber criminals.

CyberFrameworkYour operation is attractive, no matter how small, for a variety of reasons. It is not just your information that is valuable, but the any information on your networks about your vendors and customers as well. And if your operations are connected to the internet, any attack that stops your work will have a higher chance of getting a payout. And while large companies may be the target of coordinated cyber criminal groups, smaller companies are attractive to lone operators. 

Additionally, whether or not you are particularly vulnerable, your industry is either currently developing, or has already developed, cyber standards that you are expected to meet to secure data up and down your supply chain. Your cybersecurity program will affect your marketability soon, if it hasn't already.

If you are in the Department of Defense supply chain, you already have cybersecurity standards you must meet in order to hold your existing contracts or bid on new ones. New York State is offering assistance to qualifying companies to ensure compliance with these standards. There are grants to for risk assessment as well as additional assistance to ensure that your company meets standards now and can continue to do so in the quickly changing world of cybersecurity. Learn more about this program through the NY MEP.