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Filling Gaps at the Expert Levels

Engineering and Other Roles Can be Filled on a Contract Basis

Workforce gaps are intense for every kind of position in a company, and CITEC works to address those gaps from entry-level production hires through senior leadership. One area that can be particularly difficult is finding skilled experts to fill permanent positions or to manage specific projects. 

CITEC's team has deep experience in manufacturing, production, sales, marketing, and more. Our staff fills roles as project managers, and sometimes serves on teams in a temporary capacity until the exact right candidate fills the post. 

At Arconic in Massena, there was a gap in the extrusion area during a time when major maintenance and machine overhauls needed to be done. CITEC is able to offer mechanical engineering support on an ongoing basis to ensure the right replacement parts are located, and the projects are managed safely and efficiently. CITEC Business Advisor and mechanical engineer Kate Chepeleff will be onsite on a regular basis until the right personnel are in place at Arconic. 

Recently we have filled positions of Process Engineer/Project Manager, Operations Manager, and Contract Graphic Designer, and our team as well as additional third party resources can meet a wide variety of needs, including in the fields of marketing and human resources fields.  Email Steve Lockwood (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  if your company could use some temporary help in these kinds of roles.