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Marketing Plans Make a Difference

Especially for Small Businesses

You know your company needs help with its growth strategy, but it is hard to know the best ways to invest your limited resources. 

Marketing a B2B business can be daunting, especially for a very small company with little or no specialized marketing training or experience. So many of the resources available are geared toward consumer-directed businesses, and the promises of social media aren’t applicable in every case. Marketing firms have a lot of tools in their tool box, and it becomes overwhelming when they start talking about SEO, consumer journey, customer personae, value proposition, content creation, branding, and on and on. 

When CITEC helps a company build a marketing plan we always start with where you and your business are right now. What are those first easy steps that you need to take, what kind of in-house capacity do you have to implement your marketing needs, and what kinds of resources do you have for third party assistance? 

Jeff Durbin of Durbin Machine North came to us wanting to diversify his client base, specifically within the North Country region. Jeff has been machining parts for a long time and his shop is top notch. He has great relationships with his current clients, and is good at keeping up with them and checking in regularly. The company's website was out of date, however, and he needed some new ways to engage with potential clients. With this information it was easy to build a plan to modernize the company website and logo, and develop some outreach tactics that fit into Jeff's schedule.

If you'd like to build and implement a strategic marketing plan to grow your business, reach out to Steve Lockwood. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..