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What Can Keep Entry Level Workers Punching In?

Training can improve retention.

CITEC develops programs based on the needs of our clients. And as everyone knows, some of the biggest challenges for businesses today revolve around all levels of workforce. For several years, even before the pandemic, our clients noticed a lack of workforce readiness in entry level employees

including the most basic understanding of general workplace expectations such as regular attendance, work ethic, team work, appropriate cell phone use, respect for company property, and proper work attire. At the same time, many workers didn’t feel they had proper training in effective problem-solving, interpersonal communications, time- and stress-management, or conflict resolution. With that in mind, CITEC developed a basic training program to quickly get workers up to speed on those workplace expectations. 

arconic foundation logoIt turned out that employers wanted employees to come to them with these skills, and they didn’t want to invest in employees that may not return to work after their first lunch break. The Arconic Foundation was willing to take a risk, pay for this training for 100 individuals, and then let us track whether or not the training improved retention and job performance. 

Our first successes with this program came through Coryer Staffing’s RAMP program. This is a year-long program for recent high school graduates who are not directly college-bound. RAMP lets them rotate through four different job opportunities, getting a paycheck, while also having the option to earn micro-credentials through Clinton Community College’s Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and other partner programs.  These young people found the Workforce Readiness training both enjoyable and useful. 

“I gained new skills to help me communicate better. Body language is just as impactful as speech.”

“It was beneficial because it got me out of my comfort zone which I'm not really down to do.”

“I learned how and how not to go into certain situations, and how to make certain that nothing I do is extremely wrong.”

RAMP participants have a high retention rate anyway, but this training improved that retention rate from 71 percent to 87 percent. 

This FREE training is being offered coming up in March in person in Lowville and Watertown. See details and registration information at this link. 

If you have employees that would benefit from this program, feel free to register them for this training. If you would like to bring this training to your workplace, please reach out to Steve Lockwood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.