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Why You Need a Strategic Marketing Plan

And how to make it easy to have one.

Your business is chugging along; you make sales, you make product, you make payroll. But maybe you're not quite making your goals.

There can be a lot of reasons for that, but one of them might be you lack a strategic marketing plan — a plan that ties your business plan to your value proposition, and includes real-world actions with measurable outcomes. 

A strategic marketing plan is not a plan that is written and sits in a drawer for four years until it is time to create another one. It is a working document that guides action. It will help you break down your revenue goals into workable chunks. It links to the sales and production departments, and puts the whole team in the same car on a foward-moving train. Then it maps out the track, the tactics and tools, that will get you to the destination.

CITEC's strategic marketing process breaks down the important steps and helps you through them so the result is a visible, workable program to set you on a path to success.

  • Target Market: Ensure that you have a clearly defined target market that is right for your company
  • Value Proposition: Ensure that your value proposition clearly distinguishes your company 
  • Branding: Develop the right messaging and imagery to convey your value to your customers
  • Media: Develop a balanced plan of self-generated, earned, and paid media that meets your needs
  • Sales: Ensure your marketing and sales are telling the same story

Once you have these pieces laid out in front of you in a step-by-step format, it is easy to keep the marketing plan moving to approach and surpass your goals. This process is replicable on an annual basis, because you know in business, the the cycle never ends. 

Learn more about CITEC's marketing and business development services at this link.