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Alcoa Foundation and Workforce Development

Investing in Leaders

With the imperative to keep good employees in the ranks, employers are better understanding that investing in their best workers to become their best leaders is a win-win.

AF Blue on WhiteNot only do they get to retain their best employers, but if they are trained in positive leadership skills, they create better workplaces overall, lowering turnover company-wide


CITEC’s Management Development Essentials, Leadership Development Essentials, and Critical Skills programs are designed to build strong leadership. Many of our clients expressed that financial barriers were keeping them from sending more of their people to this kind of training. The Alcoa Foundation is generously funding a subsidy for this training for 60 individuals through July 2023, so that more individuals and more companies can reap the benefits, keeping more of their best employees on the payroll, and improving their workplace culture at the same time. 

For current offerings, see our Events page