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Lean 101 to Launch Your Year

This is the year you build your team.

Lean 101 is a half-day basic Lean introduction that gets your team speaking the same language and working toward the same goals. With a new year, new teams, new goals and new projects, this kind of training gets everyone involved in pursuing production excellence.

Recently companies as different as Monaghan Medical and Upstone Materials have committed to developing their entry-level staff through CITEC’s Lean 101 program. The training covers the Eight Wastes, Workplace Organization (5S), and Standard Work with engaging exercises that really instill those main points. If we deliver this training at your facility, it always includes a Waste Hunt on your production floor that leads to immediate ROI, while giving your least experienced employees a chance to make a difference in your company, investing them in both their future and yours. 

Let us build a program for your company, or let us know if you are interested in a public session as we plan the training schedule for the year. More information is available at this link, or contact Steve Lockwood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..