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Lean 101

Start your Lean journey with us.

Lean 101 is a four-hour basic Lean introduction to get your team speaking the same language and working toward the same goals.

The program dives into the typical wastes found in production, service, and office environments; provides an overview of key Lean tools to address those wastes; and shows the impacts of deploying Lean through hands-on simulations. 

The topics covered include a broad introduction to the basic understandings neededs to continuously improve efficiency and quality in an organization, and will document some of the places these principles can be quickly applied to improve safety and efficiency at your specific workplace.

  • Intro to Lean Principles: What is Lean, and how will it help our business?
  • 8 Wastes: How to spot and correct commonly overlooked wasteful work practices
  • Problem Solving Tools Including 5 Whys: A new approach to solving problems often offers a faster solution than retrying the methods we have used in the past.
  • Standard Work: We often think all of our workers are doing tasks in the same way, but that is rarely the case. Standard Work is a method to find the most effective methods and make them accessible to everyone on the team.
  • Error Proofing: There are often ways take chance processES and reduce errors.
  • 5S: A proven method to create a more efficient, orderly, and safe workplace.
  • Visual Controls: Simple ways to compare expected vs. actual performance to reduce error and rework.

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Steve Lockwood
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"The results were immediately eye-opening and we found many obsolete and nonessential items taking up space, causing waste and costing money. From the endeavor we added about seven percent of floor space with very low cost."
Karen Lamberton, Controller
Rouses Point, NY

Lean 101

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