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Lean White Belt

A Fresh Approach

Our signature Lean White Belt training matches today’s needs.

Lean White Belt certification has been a cornerstone offering for CITEC for the better part of two decades for good reason. Understanding and implementing Lean practices creates positive change in any organization.

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Our team’s commitment to Lean culture and deep experience with the tools and precepts of Lean transfer the energy and knowledge necessary to drive continuous improvement throughout the organizations we serve.

Lean White Belt certification offers an in-depth view of Lean tools and precepts to enable individuals to engage in as well as develop the skills to lead Lean projects throughout their organization. The training involves and in-plant project so companies realize immediate return on investment. 

Days one and two cover foundational Lean tools and focus identification of in-plant opportunities for improvement. Days three and four cover additional Lean tools, create value stream maps and result in clarification of the in-plant project to be approved by management. The remainder of the course builds toward project completion while teaching facilitation skills, project management, team management, and basic change management with a focus on how to ensure that project gains are sustained and built upon moving forward.

This training is offered periodically as a public session or can be customized to meet the needs of your company. Reach out to Steve Lockwood (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information. 

Detailed Course Breakdown

Day One

  • Introductions – including schedule, norms, and expectations
  • Strategy Deployment – this will help you indentify a project to work on that aligns with the overarching  goals of your organization.
  • Flow -- interactive exercises on what creates and inhibits flow as an introduction to lean fundamentals

Day Two

  • Team Facilitation – because successful, sustainable projects are team based, lean practitioners must be able to lead meetings and projects, make decisions, communicate professionally, encourage creativity and more.
  • Change Management – how to get the necessary buy-in to ensure successful, sustainable projects

Day Three

  • Value Stream Mapping – using a case study to understand the current flow of an organization to develop the ability to identify problems and create solutions.
  • Kaizen Principles – focuses on the tools used to structure a project or event including A3, sub-process mapping, data collection

Day Four

  • Problem Solving – redefining “problem” as a gap in performance between a current state and a target, and then introducing solution tools like, Plan-Do-Check-Adjust, 5 Whys, root cause failure analysis, or others.
  • 5S and Visual Management – to create the organization that quickly exposes problems so they can be solved

Day Five

  • Standard Work – the whys and hows of getting everyone to understand the best practices of their jobs
  • Pull Systems – a deeper dive into flow 

Day Six

  • Respect for People – the heart of lean manufacturing is often misunderstood, but is the backbone of understanding how to challenge people to perform to their peak ability.
  • Gemba Walk – a habit of personal observation from a place of mutual respect and cooperation

Day Seven

Additional Lean tools based on class make-up and needs – these may include quick changeover, total productive maintenance, overall equipment effectiveness, lean material handling. 

Day Eight

Sustainability – how to maintain the gains made, including stakeholder engagement, metrics and monitoring, lean management elements, and accountability.


Certification from this program requires full attendance, participation, and completion of all assignments. Extensions and make-ups may be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Complimentary project facilitation must be used within six months of course completion. 

For additional information including cost, funding opportunities, and when the next public session begins, reach out to Steve Lockwood. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join the more than 500 CITEC Certified Lean White Belts today.

Steve Lockwood
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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