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One in Four Americans Dread Going to Work

Poor Management is Costly

Last year SHRM reported that 1 in 4 Americans dread going to work, and in a new SHRM survey 84 percent of employees say that poorly trained managers are creating extra stress and unnecessary problems. Managing people, communicating appropriately, mentoring and coaching effectively, building cooperative culture -- these are all things that workers cite as deficiencies in their managers. 

Poor management is costly. Replacing an hourly employee costs around 16 percent of their annual salary, and a mid-range salary posibiton costs around 20 percent of annual salary. These numbers don't include lost productivity, higher accident rates, or other costs associated with poor management. 

At CITEC we see this play out in North Country businesses over and over. Managers who are great workers but do not have solid leadership skills cost companies money. New responsibilities because of the pandemic has intensified these costs.. 

CITEC has recreated our supervisor training series with all of this in mind. Management Development Essentials runs as an online program (the next session begins August 19th), or we can customize a program with standalone modules to meet the specific needs of your company. More details are available at this link