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Management Development Essentials

Develop highly effective teams.

This management development series provides new managers with the basic skills necessary to develop highly productive teams. It is also a great refresher of key skills for seasoned managers.

We all know that people don't leave jobs, they leave their bosses. Jay Ward of Ward Lumber explains how training the managers and leaders on his team has led to a major reduction in turnover.

In today’s world of managing through uncertainty and change, revisiting and refining the fundamental skills of strong managers is ever more important. Managers will leave this series with all of the tools necessary for successfully growing and managing productive teams.

The sessions were very well done, and the group participated freely (always a good indication). 
Sharon was easy to listen to and kept the audience interested - not easy to do!   
—Mike Howe, EZ STAK

This series includes the following modules: 

The Fundamentals of Managing Others – This module will explore the skills that set great managers apart from average managers.  The skills are not complex but must be understood in the framework of leading others, adopted, and practiced consistently.  Development of these fundamentals will help managers to coach their employees for better performance and build productive teams.  

Improving Interpersonal and Communication Skills – Honing interpersonal skills is the foundation of improving communication skills.  Success in these two important competencies is crucial for developing strong management skills.  This module will explain interpersonal skills and how to improve them, as well as provide strategies for helping managers to work and collaborate better with direct reports, peers, organization leadership, and clients.  Strong interpersonal and communication skills contribute to creating a positive work environment for all employees. 

Coaching and Motivating for Performance and Productivity – Learning how to coach employees rather than direct them is one of the keys to successful management, and successful development of employees.  Understanding what motivates employees is equally as important (you might be surprised!).  This module will uncover the process and techniques necessary to coach effectively, as well as how motivation can help as part of the coaching process.  

Effectively Addressing Difficult Employees and Managing Conflict – One of the hardest aspects of managing others, whether as a new or seasoned manager, is dealing with difficult employee behaviors and conflict.  This module will delve into specific behaviors that make employees “difficult”, and provide tools that can be used to diffuse these behaviors.  You will learn when it is best to manage conflict and when it must be resolved, and specifically how to do that effectively so that the productivity of your team doesn’t suffer – in fact, it is enhanced!

Understanding Key Employment Laws – Understanding basic employment laws as well as the climate around current legislation is important for managers to protect their employees, themselves, and their employers.  This module will explain key legislation that impacts managers, as well as highlight some of the complicated aspects of applying certain employment regulations. 

Putting it All Together: Developing a Performance Management Process that Works – A clear performance management process that incorporates all of the skills that will be learned in the previous modules provides the foundation for the success of employees, managers, and organizations.  Through both formal and informal processes, and effective management, a structured performance management process will align employees with all of an organization’s resources to meet its strategic objectives. 

Certification from this program requires full attendance, participation, and completion of all assignments. Extensions and make-ups may be arranged on a case-by-case basis. 


For more program details, to learn when the next programs are scheduled to begin, or to develop a custom version that meets the specific needs of your workplace, contact Steve Lockwood.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :: 315-777-0556

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